Consumer Ownership

In this age of data breaches and privacy concerns, we need new means of protecting the information concerning our lives.  ADEPT technology presents an opportunity to secure and manage data on behalf of individuals independent of the applications that generate or utilize this data.  COLOSSAL champions this opportunity through a novel licensing solution that complements existing licensing methods.

Open Source Software

COLOSSAL complements existing Open Source Software initiatives while providing developers flexible options for both collaborative and proprietary licensing of ADEPT technology.  COLOSSAL is a "copyleft" provision focused only on data ownership rights and distribution while remaining silent on all other aspects of licensing.

Agyra® Limited

Enforcement of consumer ownership of data and open source development of ADEPT technology comes through limiting distribution of COLOSSAL-licensed solutions to within the cooperative economy of the Agyra LCA.

The Agyra® is a Limited Cooperative Association, which operates a marketplace and work exchange for the benefit of all of its participants: consumers, vendors, employers and organizations.